Welcome to the 2010-2011 Marist Medusa Mythology Exam Study Group!

Our goal is to prepare ourselves for the Medusa Mythology Exam (MME) by pooling questions based on a close study of ancient sources (Homer, Hesiod, et al.) along with the syllabus for the exam (which can be downloaded from the MME website: -- click on "This Year's Theme" to get the page with the link). All questions will go through a group editing process here before being immortalized in a Flash quiz. A quiz will be posted somewhere (here?) once we have 50 good questions on a given topic.

Format for all questions: question + four answers, only one of which is correct. The question should be followed by a colon; the answers should be separated by semicolons; the last answer should be followed by a colon. Example:

Which was NOT a Titan?:Jupiter;Themis;Saturnus;Iapetus:

We begin with Hesiod's Theogony. Get the handout from Rhetor M. and start reading. As you read, record your ideas for questions. Post them here for others to read and edit; while you are here, read and edit the contributions of others. Be sure to put your initials after all the questions that your contribute.


  1. Which is NOT one of the Cyclopes?:Gyges;Brontes;Steropes;Arges: RhM
  2. Which came first?:Chaos;Earth;Day;Night: RhM
  3. Who is chief among the nine Muses and "even attends august kings"?:Calliope;Clio;Terpsichore;Polyhymnia: RhM
  4. Which was NOT a Titan?:Jupiter;Themis;Saturnus;Iapetus: RhM
  5. Which is NOT one of Chaos' children?:Heaven;Eros;Earth;Erebos: DF
  6. Which is NOT a Muse?:Pallas;Euterpe;Polyhymnia;Terpsichore: DF
  7. Which came from Night and Erebos?:Day;Heaven;Sea;Kronos: DF
  8. Which of Earth's children did Earth again have children with?:Heaven;Gyges;Hyperion;Phoebe: DF
  9. How many Titans are there?:Twelve;Ten;Thirteen;Seven: DF
  10. Which one of these is NOT a Titan?:Kottos;Iapetos;Memory;Phoebe: DF
  11. Who is the youngest Titan?:Kronos;Hyperion;Themis;Thetys: DF
  12. How many heads did the hundered handed monsters have?:Fifty;One;Two;One Hundred: DF
  13. From what did Earth make the hook that cut off Heaven's genitals?:Adamant;Iron;Gold;Bronze: DF
  14. Which monster was NOT born of the blood from Heaven's genitals?:Cyclopes;Erinyes;Giants;Meliai: DF
  15. Which god/goddess was born of the sea when Heaven's genital blood touched it?:Aphrodite;Poseidon;Demeter;Hermes: DF
  16. From whom did the Titans receive their name?:Heaven;Earth;Chaos;Zeus: DF
  17. Which of these is NOT one of Night's children?:Disaster;Death;Doom;Old Age: DF
  18. Who is the oldest of Sea's children?:Nereus;Ceto;Eurybia;Thaumas: DF
  19. Who did Nereus and Doris bore fifty of?:Nereids;Nymphs;Rivers;Harpies: DF
  20. Who is the mother of Isis?:Electra;Doris:Dione;Clymene: DF
  21. Which of these did Thaumus and Electra create?:Harpies;Gorgons;Muses;Nymphs: DF
  22. Which of these did Phorys and Ceto create?:Gorgons;Harpies;Muses;Nymphs: DF
  23. When Perseus cut off the head of the Medusa, which monster was born?:Chrysaor;Geryoneus;Cerberus;Chimaera: DF
  24. Which of these is NOT true about Echidna?:Half dog;Half nymph;Lives in the depths of Earth;Half serpent: DF
  25. Which of these did Echidna NOT create?:Sphinx;Othos;Cerberus;Hydra: DF
  26. Which of these is not a head of the Chimaera?:Dog;She-goat:Serpent:Lion: DF
  27. Which of these did Orthos and Chimaera create?:Nemean Lion;Hydra;Echidna;Hydra: DF
  28. How many Oceanids are there?:Three thousand;Fifty;Four Thousand;One Thousand: DF
  29. Which did Thea and Hyperion NOT create?:Dusk;Sun;Dawn;Moon: DF
  30. Which of these did Kreious and Eurybia NOT create?:Kois;Astraeus;Pallas;Perses: DF
  31. Which of these did Astraeus and Dawn NOT create?:Northern Star;Morning Star;Northerly Wind;Southerly Wind: DF
  32. Which of these did Styx and Pallas NOT create?:Stamina;Aspiration;Victory;Power: DF
  33. Which of these gods are not born of Kronos and Rhea?:Aphrodite;Zeus;Demeter;Hestia: DF
  34. What does Rhea give to Kronos to swallow instead of Zeus?:A stone;A goat;A cow;A tree: DF